Building and Sustaining Employee Advocacy

5 Practices for Building and Sustaining Employee Advocacy

Building up an employee advocacy program and implementing is a very difficult task. Ensuring that the employees of the organization are excited and pumped about sharing the organization’s posts is another ball game. Taking care of an employee advocacy tool is not a cake-walk.

Employees are the most important and powerful resource. Their inputs and efforts can make any program successful. They are an integral part of the organization.

Below mentioned are five best practices for maintaining and sustaining an effective employee advocacy program.

1. Gather Feedback

Feedback, though it is the last on the list of any program but is the most important on that list. Feedback is an essential practice as the organization can then work on the flaws or the requirements of the employees that they feel are necessary. Their valuable words give the organization insights about what content clicks and what can generate engagement.

2. Make Sure It Lasts Long

The programs hype shouldn’t just be for the hype of it. It must sustain itself and that is only if the employees find the content relatable and boosted to share. They need to be connected with the program throughout its journey.

3. Encourage Internal Advocacy

The organization must encourage people to share more content internally;  Group chats. This only shows that the fellow employee advocates are appreciating the content the employee shares, which helps him sure more of it. This develops a habit of sharing company related news and getting them more involved. Eventually, the employees of the company started sharing content about the company.

4. Include Non-Company Content

While internal advocacy is encouraged the  organization must not disregard any outside content on the chat. Knowledge is good. But this knowledge should be in and around the organization’s framework. It could be from any other source. This only helps them develop a liking and understanding of what the world has to say as well. Giving them more insights to grow knowledge and implement it while working. While sharing non-company content the employees feel a sense of thought leadership and that’s how to like being.

5. Encourage Two-Way Dialogue

Employees would love to see their ideas coming to life and when someone is there to listen, they’re more engaged. Having an opinion on what content could go out gives them a sense of trust and respect. They feel more involved and get more into the advocacy program.  

These five practices can certainly sustain a company’s employee advocacy program. It’s about giving and taking. The company needs to be there for the employees and that’s when the employees will reward them by standing strong with the organization.


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